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How it all started

Thank you to my Mom and sisters for helping me!!!!

Back in 2020, before Covid was even a thought, my mom bought over 500 chicks to raise them into pullets for individuals who did not have the resources or time to raise chicksAs a result of this, I saw the opportunity and decided to start Anna's Blessed Acres. We mainly love breeding to better the quality of animals. We are also involved in the local schools to show them how to properly care for animals. It was special to see more than one quiet child that was extremely socially awkward come into there own as they were petting a bunny or goat!! The animals have therapeutic qualities for individuals with illness such as: Cancer, PTSD, Parkinson's, Depression, and many more.

Because of these principles  I wanted to start a business based on showing people how to raise and care for animals, work with local nursing homes and schools to show the therapeutic qualities of animals, as well as bettering the breeds. 

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Bunnies & Dairy Goats

At Anna's Blessed Acres, we strive to make sure we have the healthiest and happiest pets possible. My family is a multi-generational animal caretakers.  I have loved bunnies and goats since I was born. The animals have brought our family so much joy and I thought it would be fun to share that joy.

Thanks to my sisters for helping me run this small business. 

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