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If you, for what ever reason, cannot keep your cute pet(s). Contact US and we will gladly take it or them off your hands. (No Refund)

My business is a closed business which means for the privacy of my home and the safety of my family and animals, I will meet at a public location for pick up. I will ship, but not until the animal is 12wks old. I will not be held liable once the animal leaves my care. The buyer is responsible for shipping fees. I will not meet halfway with the animal. However, if I am going to a show, I will meet at a show. The below link(Rabbit Care/ Goat Care/ and Chicken Care Information) is my go-home instructions for when you purchase your animal from me, or even if you are thinking of buying an animal. Please click on your animal file as it covers everything you need to know. If you find you have more questions, by all means, ask. There is never a dumb question and I'd rather have you ask and get the correct information than not. 

All of my animals are healthy to the best of my knowledge at the time of sale. Meaning they show no signs of illness or disease. I have a very strict quarantine procedure for new animals as my herds are very healthy. I do not offer any type of guarantee or warranty whatsoever. All sales are final. I cannot control things such as stress, weather, injury, etc. and unfortunately there are occasional times when something happens to an animal before it leaves, I do not offer refunds once the rabbit has left my care. I sex all of my animals before they leave my farm and I am usually correct, but please keep in mind that mistakes do sometimes happen when sexing young animals and I apologize ahead of time if I make a mistake. I cannot control what happens once the animal(s) has left my care, including disease or death. This also includes abuse, neglect, extreme temperatures, malnurshiment, improper housing which causes sickness or death, injury from other animals, exposure to other illnesses & sicknesses via other animals, during travel, shows, or at your residence. Under no circumstances will I be responsible for any medical costs the animal may obtain after the sale. All of my rabbits/ goats are very sweet-tempered, however, I do not guarantee that any animal purchased will never bite or scratch. Under no circumstances am I responsible for any damage or animals that may cause personal property or any personal injury, such as biting or scratching. I cannot guarantee any animal sold will be a good breeder or a good mother, even if they have produced for me.

Every baby that is born here is handled from birth. They are extremely friendly and used to handling when they go home. They may take a little more getting used to younger children. Also, each is very different in how they settle in. Some settle right in like they've always lived there and others it can take a bit of time. Just don't rush them too fast, everyone and everything is new to them. I explain it to children as if they're going to a new friend's house and they get nervous, that's the same way the animals feels. I want everyone to have a great experience with their pets. 

If you are no longer able to keep your animal I will take it in for re-homing. I take my small business and my hobby very seriously and put a lot of time and love into every animal. 

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